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Girl Scout Brownie Journey

It's Your World Change It! - Brownie Quest
Brownie Quest Journey Map
What are the most important keys for a Girl Scout to own? This quest, which has second- and third-graders traveling along two colorful trails—one they can enjoy on their own and one they explore with their Girl Scout group—answers that question in a very special way. More Information
It's Your Planet- Love It! - WOW! Wonders of Water
WOW! Wonders of Water Journey Map
Brownie friends explore the Wonders of Water and Ways of Working as a team. Brownie ELF is back for the Very Wet Elf Adventure. In real life, the Brownies might just hold their own "Green Tea for the Blue Planet "as they earn their Love, Save, Share and Wow awards.
It's Your Story-Tell It! - A World of Girls
A World of Girls Journey Map
In fun, flip-book format, one side is devoted to fictional stories around the world. The other side has stories of their world closer to home. The girls follow through on clues and enjoy a fun and challenging experience that strengthens their confidence and gives them a chance to better the world. More Information
How to Choose Your Brownie Journey
For more information on helping Girl Scout Brownies to choose a Journey, use the How To Choose Your Brownie Journey resource.