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Girl Scout Daisy Journey

It's Your World Change It! - Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden
In this Journey for girls in grades K-1, a favorite pastime - gardening - meets the Girl Scout Law. The result is a storybook world of flowers and little girls who, together, do great things. More Information
It's Your Planet- Love It! - Between Earth and Sky
Daisies and their flower friends take a road trip, exploring what sprouts
 up across the country as they learn how to protect what needs protecting.
As they zip along in Lupe's petal-powered car, the Daisies witness some
of the wonders and woes of nature. More Information
It's Your Story- Tell It! - 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!
In this journey, Girl Scout Daisies enjoy a fictional story about their flower friends. They learn just how much they can care for animals and for themselves and how confident that makes them feel. More Information

How to Choose Your Daisy Journey
For more information on helping Girl Scout Daisies to choose a Journey, use the How To Choose Your Daisy Journey resource.