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Through Girl Scout Pathways, you have the freedom to choose many ways to be a Girl Scout.
Pathways in Girl Scouting

  • Troops - The best girls' night ever! Each troop meeting promises fun and adventure.
  • Camp - Get up and get out! Camp is all about being outside and learning all kinds of cool new things.
  • Events - Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast has exciting events throughout the year.
  • Series- Find pals who love similar things and get busy working on a project that excites you. You'll learn a lot and have fun along the way.
  • Travel - Road Trip! You'll plan, earn money, prepare and then road trip it to regional, national and international trips.
  • Virtual - Can't make it in person? No sweat! Participate in interactive program activities in a safe, secure, online environment supplemented by live events. (under development)

Explore, create, imagine and lead - that is what the Pathways in Girl Scouting offers you. Adult volunteers and council staff have worked hard to develop exciting adventures just waiting for you to jump into. You'll gain leadership skills and knowledge to make a difference and put your mark on the world.

Fun and Learning

Projects don’t have to come out perfectly, and girls don’t have to fill their vests and sashes with badges: what matters most is the fun and learning that happens as girls make experiences their own.