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I Can't Wait To Go To Camp!

Summer camp promises hot days and one adventure after another for Girl Scouts. Learning new things and developing life skills as a leader is what Girl Scout camp is all about. Each time summer approaches you'll hear your Girl Scout say - I Can't Wait to Go to Girl Scout Camp!

There are many summer fun choices for your family and each one provides girls the opportunity to grow personally and socially. We have compiled the top reasons summer camp can be great for your girl’s development.

Develop Confidence
Camp lets girls develop skills that will benefit them now and in the future in an all-girl environment. For example, at our Girl Scout Camps girls have the opportunity to try new activities like rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, stand up paddle boarding, plus more that challenges them both physically and mentally. By setting a goal and working towards it, girls learn that new experiences (like college, a job, etc.) are attainable and can be rewarding and fun!

Build Friendships
Life would be pretty boring without friends (and we aren’t talking about Facebook friends), wouldn’t it? The emphasis on relationships allows camp to be a great place for girls to get to know new friends and strengthen relationships with current friends. It’s that simple.

Get Unplugged
Kids are often on their phones, tablets, and television. Without the crutch of technology, girls develop face-to-face relationships with those around them while at the same time reconnecting with the natural world. 

Make Adult Connections
Our day camps and events rely on adult volunteers. Having strong positive adults involved in their activities gives girls the security of knowing that there is a community of people who care and are invested in seeing her grow and succeed.  Be one of them. See what your Girl Scout is doing. Meet her friends. Make new friends yourself. See more of adults’ roles at Volunteer Led Day Camps.

Gain Courage
Camp is a safe place, and encourages girls to be themselves and conquer fears that they had before camp such as stage fright, outdoors, and making new friends. The end result is a more confident girl and a girl who is willing to confront the challenges life brings.

For more information about Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast summer camps, take some time to learn about us at www.gswise.org. Questions? Ask summer@gswise.org

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