• Member Grievance Statement

    Differences in opinion, member styles, or personalities often cause disagreements and grievances between two people or within groups of people. In Girl Scouts, the individuals involved may be a co-leader, a troop team member, or a parent who are non-paid volunteers. Individuals have the option of making Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast (GSWISE) aware of these situations and asking for assistance in finding a compromise or resolution. GSWISE encourages members to work through these differences with the assistance of the Grievance Resolution Tip Sheet while incorporating the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Whenever possible, GSWISE strives to resolve problems informally and through open communication.
  • However, if an informal attempt at resolution fails, a member may choose to initiate the member grievance procedure. For the member grievance procedure to work, all parties must want it to work; its success is beneficial to all parties involved and ultimately the overall Girl Scout experience of the girls.