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Gold Award Girl Scout: Megan

Gold Award Project: Community School Supply and Food Pantry Cupboards

“I developed and learned that I have strong skills in time management and decisionmaking, and that I am able to lead a team successfully to get a positive outcome and help take a step towards ending poverty and hunger.”

Megan’s project supported families struggling with food and school supply access, resulting from community agencies who have specifi c eligibility guidelines or restricted operating hours that make accessing resources challenging for families. Megan designed, built, and stocked five community giving cupboards. Four cupboards are stationed within the Menomonee Falls community and focus on providing school supplies to students in need, while the fifth cupboard is located at North Middle School in Menomonee Falls and contains non-perishable foods and other items typically distributed by food pantries, such as handmade face masks. Megan interviewed with the Waukesha Freeman and FOX6 News to promote her project and encouraged the community to contribute donations to the cupboards. The cupboards provide an opportunity for people in the community to secure the resources they need when convenient for them and in a private manner.

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